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Mistletoe Margarita

YUMMY is all I can say for this “sheknows” recipe!!! Since I’m hijacking the recipe, I’m posting the link to the webapge where it can be found to give credit where credit is due. Plus I am too busy getting my Mistletoe hung-on to type it in!!!

Mistletoe Margarita


I’ll Take Sloppy Seconds:

Ashley Serafin

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Pound Ground Beef
1 Softball-Sized Onion, Chopped
1 Green Pepper, Chopped
2 Tablespoons Steak Sauce
1 Cup Beef Stock
Salt And Ground Black Pepper
4 Dinner Rolls
1 Tablespoon Butter
1 Tablespoon Flour
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Provolone, Shredded

In Large Skillet Over Medium-High Heat Add The Oil And Then Brown The Ground Beef, About 5-6 Minutes. Add The Onion And Green Pepper And Cook Another 3-4 Minutes, Until The Vegetables Start To Get Tender. Stir In The Steak Sauce And Beef Stock, Season With Salt And Pepper, Bring Up To A Bubble And Cook About 2 Minutes.

Split Open Rolls And Remove Most Of The Soft Insides, Leaving A Bed To Hold The Meat Mixture. Toast The Rolls And Set Aside.

While The Meat Is Cooking, Melt The Butter In A Medium-Size Pot Over Medium-High Heat. Stir In The Flour And Cook About 1 Minute. Whisk In Milk, Bring Up To A Bubble And Let Thicken, About 2 Minutes. Turn Off Heat And Stir In The Cheese.

To Serve, Place A Scoopful Of The Meat Mixture Onto The Bottom Of The Rolls, Then Top With The Cheese Sauce And Replace The Top Of The Roll.

Ashley is a full-time Romance Educator with Slumber Parties. Her goal is to help empower woman and to encourage strong relationships from the bedroom to the bank! Check out her fan page for exclusive tips and offers for all of your romance needs. You can also browse her website to learn how to enhance your bedroom and YOUR bank account!!






Erotic Spinach Salad

As we age, our libido goes down the crapper. We blame it on getting older, but stress plays a huge role. Nothing kills the mood faster for a woman than worrying about bills, or that her partner forgot to take out the trash again, or that she has a meeting with her child’s teacher. Yep, mood suckers.

However, an orgasm is the best stress relief you can give your body. In fact, it releases serotonin just like taking a “happy pill.” So, let’s look at one way we can tackle our sluggish libidos.

You are what you eat. We have heard that trite line many times, but let’s look at it from a sexual health perspective. Foods can fuel our libidos, and can enhance our intimate interactions. Let’s be honest, we all want the most bang for our buck…so to speak :>

We can take charge by fueling our sexual health with superpower foods rich in Vitamin E : the “horny” vitamin.

For women, Vitamin E. fuels hormone production and promotes vaginal wetness during intimacy. Increased hormone production = horny

(now we know why Olive Oil swooned over the Popeye, the Spinach Man….lol)



Erotic Spinach Salad

by Kelly Haas Shackelford


1 bag of salad spinach (High/Vit. E )

1 bag of sunflower seeds (High/Vit. E)

Green Olives (High/Vit. E)

Red bell peppers (High/Vit. E)

Olive oil based dressing (High/Vit.E)

Add other toppings as you wish for taste.


Don’t forget the red wine! It not only keeps your heart healthy by increasing blood circulation, but it promotes stronger orgasms. More blood flow to the vagina are due to increased circulation = screaming out Brad Pitt’s name or kicking a hole in the drywall (easy fix, trust meJ).



Learn more:




Kelly Haas Shackelford is a bedroom paramedic by night and erotica writer by day. Check back for more fun ways to bring the sex back!





Minute Man Chicken-N- Dressing

by Sandi Haas Hulsey

Cut 3 to 4 pre-cooked chicken breast in strips

(or open a can of chicken).

Prepare stove top cornbread stuffing mix per directions on the box.

Mix one can of cream of chicken soup with a half can of chicken broth.

Mix the stuffing and soup mix then fold in the chicken.

Make sure to spray pan with pam before putting in ingredients.

Bake at 460 for 30 to 35 min .

Serve with chilled cranberry sauce

Sandi Haas Hulsey is a sexy grandmother of a handsome one-year-old boy. Her and her husband enjoy the outdoors and have two snakes and a dog, George. When not rockin’ out minute meals in the kitchen, she is rocking parties as a consultant with Slumber Parties and It works.

You can check out more about her by visiting her websites or friending on Facebook.





A Little Beef In My Crock


Kandise Duncan, Winston GA


Package of Ranch Dressing

Package of Au Jus gravy



A chopped onion

One cup of pepperoncini peppers

Add everything together in crockpot, NO WATER, cook on low overnight.

When not raising her two children or mini-schnauzers, Kandise is busy helping women get back their sexy back with ACE all-natural supplements. You can visit her at:





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